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> At 01:27 PM 9/19/04 -0400, Barry Watzman wrote:
> >Just a note on economic viability, you can buy entire working HP 4
> >-- HP 4 Plus, the 12ppm version -- for well under $50, so putting in a
> >repair on a vastly inferior Laserjet II is of questionable economic
> >viability.
> I talked to a friend today that scraps printers, and indeed the once
> have fallen. The plain 4 isn't worth anything to him, and a nice 4 plus is
> about $30. I may just pick up a 4 plus from him, since we tend to leave
> printer on 24/7, and the plus seems to have better powerdown ability.
> Snooping on HPs web site I found a printer cost comparison done by some
> third party and I am assuming including all the factors like depriciation
> and consumables. The LJ4 had the lowest cost about 0.012 per page, with
> most about double that until the most recent high end LJ like the 8000.
> jets are highway robbers by comparison.

You really can't beat a laser printer for cheap B&W output, not sure how the
color lasers fare against inkjets.
The only thing hurting the old laserjets is speed, DPI, and no built in
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