ultrix 4.5 vax

From: Jacob Dahl Pind <rachael_at_rachael.dyndns.org>
Date: Tue Sep 21 19:34:34 2004


My vaxserver 3100 has been installed with ultrix 4.5, I get alot
better along with a unix than with vms, I was wondering if someone
has keeped a copy of the different security updates from DEC ?

I know the freeware archive at ftp.eagle.y.se , and I have installed
the different interessing things from there.
I graped the gnu things there and got unmbasic compiled, its not
vaxbasic but is basic, actual not that slow either.

Did a small inventory the other day, my commodore machines are
staring to take up abit of space, had 13 64 machines of different
types, and a 1541 or 1541II for every one of the. just needs to figure
out a way to cluster them through IEC :) Maybe Cameron Kaiser can help here.

regards Jacob Dahl Pind

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