HP3000/922, disk cabinet at Mich. St. U. Salvage

From: Ryan M. Blair <blairrya_at_msu.edu>
Date: Tue Sep 21 19:26:34 2004

On Tue, 14 Sep 2004 23:21:32 -0400
Dennis Boone <drb_at_msu.edu> wrote:

> There was an HP3000/922 at MSU Salvage today, with what looked like
> a disk cabinet (similar size and shape to the processor cabinet)
> and some cables. No idea whether any of it works. No apparent
> software or manuals.

After having picked up this machine, disassembled, cleaned, moved 3
floors, reassembled, and turned on, the computer and disks all appear
to work fine. I've been able to log in as MANAGER.SYS and poke around,
though it appears to have been cleaned off fairly well. Anyone happen to
have pointers to (or the real thing) documentation for this machine,
and/or install media images so I can get this beast back running
at full steam again? From what I can tell, it has a broken install of
MPE/iX 6.0 or so. I'm pretty sure that DDS or CD images would work for
this, as it has SE-SCSI and I've read that it will happily boot devices
attached there. Hopefully some pictures as soon as I can borrow a
digital camera.

Ryan Blair
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