LGP-21 Hardware Training Manual

From: Tom Jennings <tomj_at_wps.com>
Date: Wed Sep 22 01:35:34 2004

Scanning is mostly done, and it's indexed and on the web at

I scanned only the first 50 or so A-sized pages, but all the B-sized
(large) schematics etc are there.

It's missing the memory alignment info, which are in the later pages.
Now that I got the new perl script done (it's not that big a deal, it
was simply a matter of time to complete it) I'll finish scanning
probably this week.

PS: to John Foust (I think it was) that politely reminded me some time
ago of the obvious fact that JPEGs are lossy. I did everything in TIFF
format, but my browser (konqueror) would not load TIFF images! Oddly,
when I hovered the mouse over an image link, it would say on the status
line "/path/etc/foo.tiff (X bytes, TIFF format)" but not display it. So
I had to convert to JPEG, sigh. I have the TIFFs should I stumble upon a
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