Don Maslin

From: Vernon Wright <>
Date: Wed Sep 22 14:35:59 2004

I read the list through the digests, and not always
frequently. So let me re-introduce myself.

I am a past-president of the San Diego Computer

In about 1986 I founded Dina-SIG, a special interest
group of the San Diego Computer Society. Don Maslin
immediately showed up, and we became fast friends and
have remained so ever since. I find it difficult to
speak of him in the past tense.

Don took on a special project for Dina-SIG, and made
it his own: the archiving of software for classic

I have of course talked with his wife Winnie, and
she has asked that people interested in Don's software
archives and his hardware collection hold off on
contact until further notice through this list.

Within a reasonable time I will locate his archives,
and I will personally guarantee that the archives will
be duplicated and copies deposited with people and
institutions which will honor the attitude that Don
put into this effort - one of love for old stuff and
and of service to the community.

In time his hardware collection will also be made
available to the community.

I ask you to consider Mrs. Maslin's position and not
attempt to intervene at this time.

Vern Wright

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