Don Maslin

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Wed Sep 22 17:02:19 2004

Hi Vern
 Thanks for being there. I hope his wife understands
how many people her husband has helped. We all wish
her and the rest of her family the best. We have all
lost a friend.

>From: "Vernon Wright" <>
>I read the list through the digests, and not always
>frequently. So let me re-introduce myself.
>I am a past-president of the San Diego Computer
>In about 1986 I founded Dina-SIG, a special interest
>group of the San Diego Computer Society. Don Maslin
>immediately showed up, and we became fast friends and
>have remained so ever since. I find it difficult to
>speak of him in the past tense.
>Don took on a special project for Dina-SIG, and made
>it his own: the archiving of software for classic
>I have of course talked with his wife Winnie, and
>she has asked that people interested in Don's software
>archives and his hardware collection hold off on
>contact until further notice through this list.
>Within a reasonable time I will locate his archives,
>and I will personally guarantee that the archives will
>be duplicated and copies deposited with people and
>institutions which will honor the attitude that Don
>put into this effort - one of love for old stuff and
>and of service to the community.
>In time his hardware collection will also be made
>available to the community.
>I ask you to consider Mrs. Maslin's position and not
>attempt to intervene at this time.
>Vern Wright
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