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From: Jim Isbell <millenniumfalcon_at_cableone.net>
Date: Wed Sep 22 18:20:06 2004

DPI means little when you are printing mechanical printer quality
printed documents. A laserJet has such good quality print that its hard
to beat with anything less than an old fashioned hand fed printer. Why
would you do anything else on a LaserJet? If you are doing graphics or
pictures, you need color and the LaserJet doesn't have that. The
LaserJet is unsurpassed at quality text document production.

> At 04:28 PM 9/21/04 -0400, Teo Zenios wrote:
>> You really can't beat a laser printer for cheap B&W output, not sure
>> how the
>> color lasers fare against inkjets.
>> The only thing hurting the old laserjets is speed, DPI, and no built in
>> networking.
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