archiving as opposed to backing up

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Thu Sep 23 10:35:09 2004

>>> It's amazing what can be discovered from unintentionally
>>> discarded stuff. How are we to know what was so
>>> commonplace that nobody saved it.
>>> For example the following is a reference to archeology and
>>> digging up old privys.

If anyone suggests that we should therefore archive our current privys (or
their contents!) then I am out of here!!!!!

>>> I remember all of the computer cards I punched and then
>>> used to record phone messages. I don't have one left today.

Still have one carton on un-punched cards..

>>> How many Fortran coding sheets do you still have? Mine are
>>> gone. I still have a couple of greenbar printouts.

One packet each of about 10 different types of coding forms...

>>> If I try to describe them to my kids they don't understand.
>>> Their grandchildren will wonder what they were needed for.

Most under 15 yearolds, to not what it means to "Dial" a phone. Have some
fun. Give a (average) 12 year old a working rotary phone and ask them to
call a friend.
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