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From: chris <>
Date: Thu Sep 23 10:30:46 2004

>I think I've got one. Or at least, I've got a weirdish Wyse PC. The
>processor is on an ISA card that also has the keyboard connector, which is
>a modular phone plug type. Weird.

I had one of those. I think it was a 386 (might have been a 286), I know
it was a Wyse.

It was a full height desktop case, but only about half as wide as an
AT/XT. The processor was on an ISA card, and the keyboard socket was an
RJ-12 connector. I never had a matching keyboard, all I had was an
adaptor to go from the RJ-12 to a regular din-5 AT style keyboard.

I know you needed a special disk to configure the BIOS. I kept a copy of
the floppy taped inside the case so I didn't have to hunt around for it
if I made any changes.

I still have the keyboard adaptor. I may have other parts from the
machine, but I'm not sure. I might have kept the processor ISA card
because it was interesting, but I know the machine on a whole was junked.
I likely still have a copy of that setup disk somewhere as well.

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