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From: chris <>
Date: Thu Sep 23 12:02:42 2004

>So in the event that I decide to keep it as
>part of the odd dead PC group, I'd like to trade you for the keyboard
>adaptor and setup disk (if you have it).

I have pinouts for the adaptor on my web site
(<>). Pretty trivial to make. I have
no idea if the one I have is a real Wyse adaptor, or just something a
previous owner built. It looks a little amature to be a real Wyse part
and has no part numbers on it.

Next time I am at my storage garage, I'll take a look for the setup disk.
Or, if you need/want it sooner, just pester me to go look for it. If I
find it, I can send you an image of it (the one I have is also not a Wyse

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