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Over 2000 years ago, the ancient Romans & Greeks *knew* the Earth was
> and orbited the sun. However, it seems all references to that knowledge
> unavailable by the 1st millennium, when people once again thought the
Actually it was ethe Egyptians who calculated the diameter of the world and
knew it was round. And the Library in Alexandra had over 400,000 books covering
the knowledge and technology of the time. 600 to 300 BC was a real high point
in civilization with a real understanding of the world and technology. The
Greeks adopted much of the Egyption technology. The Mediterainian area even had
geared differential chronometers for navigation.

It was the Romans who burned the library and did not care about loseing the
technology. Their technology was war and the were very successful at it. The
world before the Romans was much more stable and understood. It was Western
Civilization (based on the Romans) that really brought Civilization down from its
high point. And is still doing it.

Astoria, Oregon

PS: I think it is the failure of the electrical systems due to virus attacks
that will bring our civilization down from it's high point. With so much
information in electronic format it will be similar to the burning of the library
in Alexandra with much loss of technology.
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