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Teo Zenios <> wrote:

> Scientists think an asteroid, comet, or meteorite cause the Tunguska
> explosion in Russia in the early 20th century that behaved just like a
> nuclear bomb does today (intense energy, heatwave, shockwave, radiation).

This is not what happened. Lyn Buchanan, a very good remote viewer
whom I know fairly well, has told the real story in his book The Seventh

-- quote from the book: --

Once I was given a set of coordinates by Ted, who has been mentioned
before in this book. Ted is a rabid UFO fanatic, and liked to sneak UFO
targets into our tasking now and then. This was forbidden, but he
sometimes did it anyway. I thought that the target on this particular
day was an operational target and was not expecting an ET target.

I accessed the site and found a pilot flying an aircraft. I saw that he
was worried about something. Still a fairly novice viewer at the time,
I rushed in and accessed the pilot's mind to find out what was worrying

The pilot and all his passengers had been members of an extremely
oppressive culture. They had rebelled against their government, but to
no avail. The political leaders of that culture had given them the choice
of dying or being allowed to leave and never return. They had elected
to leave. They had been provided with the aircraft and allowed to leave
without incident. But now that the pilot had found a place to land so
they could start a new home for themselves, he realized that something
was wrong with the aircraft. It had been fixed to self-destruct as soon
as it tried to land anywhere. Someone in the oppressive regime had not
been satisfied just to let them go. He wanted to kill them all. The pilot
realized the problem, but could find nothing to do about it. He had called
his wife and children into the cockpit to watch the landing, fully aware
that they would probably die before the aircraft could land. I gave myself
a move command to the problem, and found that it was a device that the
saboteur had placed within the pilot's range of sight, but out of the
pilot's reach. He sadistically wanted the pilot to know and understand
before death what had been done to these freedom-seeking refugees and
their families.

The pilot tried everything he could think of to procure a safe landing.
He went around the world several times (this was my first in-session
clue that it was possibly an ET target). Going back up was out of the
question, for some reason that I did not investigate because I was getting
so sucked into the pilot and his panic. Now, every life on the ship
depended on our skill and our creative ability to solve the problem.
We finally figured out a way to bring the ship in for a landing. We hoped
to be able to land on a mountain top that would be high enough to keep
the explosive device from detonating. As we made final preparations for
the landing, we turned to our family and assured them of our love, then
got back to the job at hand. A moment later, the ship exploded in a great
ball of fiery debris.

Once I had gotten sucked into him, it was my family, too. I loved them
and ached for them. I felt responsible for their lives and knew that my
political actions and beliefs and my desire that they have freedom had
caused this situation to exist. In the last moments of their lives, I
realized how much they had suffered for my beliefs, and I blamed myself
for their dying. Everyone I loved and cared about was to die, and it was
my fault.

When the ship exploded, I was thrown violently out of the session, and
even fell out of the chair in which I had been sitting to do the viewing.

I found out later that my task had been to find out what caused the
Tunguska explosion, which flattened thousands of acres of land in
southeastern Siberia, on June 30, 1908.


But, at the time of that particular session, I had no way of detoxing
from the target. For almost two months after that session, no one in
the office or at home dared to talk to me about any political subject
or anything the government was doing. I became so violently opposed
to any form of organized government and the oppression it wields that
several times I became physically violent, just at the mention of any
political subject. I could not listen to the news on the way to work
or back home. I could not watch the news on TV for fear of getting so
enraged that I was ready to yell and scream and throw things. Over
the next two months or so, it slowly wore off, and I could again
function normally. But to be totally honest, I found out about two
years later, after I had developed the protocols for detoxification,
that I still needed to detoxify from that session. I was still harboring
very deep and angry resentment toward organized governments of any form,
all because of the evil that had been done to the people and family
"we" (the pilot and I) loved and cared about so dearly.

-- end of quote --

To add a personal note to this story, even though I'm not a remote
viewer (yet) and I have never accessed anyone else's mind, that is
exactly how *I* feel about the government. Maybe I was that pilot
in my previous life? Death in 1908, a little break, reincarnation
in 1979, who knows, might be.

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