HP test board?

From: Tony Duell <ard_at_p850ug1.demon.co.uk>
Date: Thu Sep 23 17:18:38 2004

This is pure guesswork...

> Something else that I found this morning. A circuit board about 3 x 5"
> square with four toggle switches and a push button switch. The toggle
> switches are labeled Freq (0,1), WREN (off,on), Hold (off,on) and DRCT

Freq 0,1 sounds like selecting the 2 frequencies for continuous 0's or
continuous 1's on an FM (single density) disk.

WREN == Write eneable

Hold, I have no idea on. It's not HLD (Head Load), I trust.

DRCT out,in is probably hrad movement direction

> (out,in). The pushbutton is labeled Step and next to it is a LED labeled

With STEP being to move the head one cylinder in that direction.

> TRK 00. On the other end of the board is long wire with a E-Z hook on the

And the LED's function is then obvious!

> end of it. Next to where the wire is connected it says Connect to A5 TP9.
> The part number on the board is 98015-66501. On the back of the board is

Well, that part number would normally indicate it's the 1's board in an
HP98015. Now, what that is I don't know

> DE-37F connector. There are no other connectors or power jacks so
> apparently it gets it's power from the DUT. I'm guessing that it's used

If it is for the 9885, I don;t think there's power on the interface
connector. Maybe the flying lead is a +5V pickup.

> for testing some kind of HP disk drive. I think the HP 9885 disk drive uses
> the DD-37 connectors so I think it might be for that. Anyone know any more

Its was a DE37 just now... Since neither exist, I assume you mean DC37
(which is, indeed the connector used for the drive bus on the 9885)

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