IBM PC/XT/AT, etc. material for sale/give-away/etc.

From: Bill Pileggi <>
Date: Fri Sep 24 00:43:19 2004

Sadly, lost storage area(s) and forced to sell off PC related collection late spring. Thankfully went to appreciative guys around the world. Now finishing up, have a few items left of possible interest:

IBM PC mfr. Early 1982, 2nd BIOS ver. BLACK power supply, all original. Manual.
IBM XT mfr. January, 1984 (64-256). CGA/MONO/Floppy/20MB HDD/AST/640KB. Manual.
IBM PC "B", mfr. May 1985. Case/Mobo/Power supply. Can stick in cards from list below.
IBM CGA monitor, good.
IBM Mono. monitor, decent/for test purposes.
2 83 key keyboards.
Misc. Display Cards for PC/XT/AT - Paradise, Hercules, IBM.
CGA to composite video breakout connector.
Some other misc cards, drives.
2 IBM half-height 360Kb floppy drives in stack, as seen in late XT's.
IBM PC DOS 3.3 (multiple media formats AND versions).
IBM BASIC 3.0 Reference manual with slipcase.
IBM Service Information Manual. 3rd Edition, November, 1987. Very Cool.
NORTON UTILITIES 6.01 (1992). Full boxed edition. NO floppy disks.
DESQVIEW 386. Full boxed edition. 2 copies. +Additional Reference material.
Hardware Maintenance and Service - (IBM) Proprinter X24E and Proprinter XL24E.
Guide to Operations - Personal Computer - AT. (IBM)
Technical Reference - Personal Computer - AT. (IBM) Binder/slipcase only.
IBM clear vinyl floppy holder pages for manuals - IBM logo'd.
A big thick handful of 5 1/4 inch floppies with misc. software/copies. Some NOS.

Any interest - Please contact off list for details, photos. Insulting offers considered, rebuttals possibly offered. Conditions usually VG or better, and always working. Have experience and material to ship worldwide if so desired. Books can go media rate. My zip is 19001. Fedex usually cheapest for heavy/long distances.

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