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From: Gene Buckle <geneb_at_deltasoft.com>
Date: Sat Sep 25 16:14:15 2004

I've got some QBUS boards that I'm trying to identify and place a value

First up is a Parallax graphics board with the number 990-0001 on it.
It's got a small cab kit with four BNC connectors on it marked RGB and
Sync. There's a 75Ohm terminating resistor on the Sync connector.

Next is a board made by MDB Systems that has "MLSI-DR11-W" printed on it.
It's got a cab kit with it that has two 37 pin(?) d shell connectors on

I've got a cab kit for a PDP-11 of some kind (I _think_). It's got two
25 pin d-shell connectors on it marked "A0 (Console)" and A1. Each has a
rotary knob underneath for setting a baud rate.

A D315 distribution panel. Has four 25 pin d-shell connectors on it.

A three board set joined with short IDC cables consisting of one M7169 and
two M7168 modules.

Any input on this will be greatly appriciated!


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