More Commodore PET drives - more help?

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Sat Sep 25 18:07:11 2004

> All good advise - assuming that it's running (clocked), and the address/data
> bus looks ok (being driven, no signs of contention etc.), data being fetched
> from the ROMs, I would probably next check the ROM content against the image
> on funet (I've seen a number of these ROMs go bad).

Not a bad idea. Also, if iy uses 2114 RAMs, susepct them on sight ;-). I
think these units initialise the I/O devices fairly early on, and the
fact that you LEDs are stuck in the wrong state would seem to indicate
this is not happening.

> Opened it up this morning - unfortunately, it is very badly corroded inside,
> and the drive unit itself shows a LOT of rust.

I would now suspect any IC sockets, and mayeb even leakage between PCB

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