Made first phone call

From: jos de waal <>
Date: Sat Sep 25 19:34:53 2004

On 19/09/2004 Sellam Ismail wrote:
>I made an initial phone call to Don's number and got an answering machine
>(presumably Don's voice is still on the OGM). I chose not to leave a
>message. I'll try again later today.

Sellam, I'm shocked by your lack of tact and respect. No matter how
important Don's collection might be in your eyes, you shouldn't lose
sight of the fact that his wife and family have just lost him. They
probably couldn't care less about what happens to his stuff in the
garage at this point.

I've asked my wife for her opinion on this and she said that she
would instantly scrap and toss my stuff if she ever found herself in
a similar situation. I can't blame her.

What do others think of this ?

Greetings, Jos

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