Dynalogic/Bytec Hyperion Drives?

From: Dave Dunfield <dave04a_at_dunfield.com>
Date: Sun Sep 26 07:55:20 2004

Picked up a couple of Hyperions yesterday - if anyone
doesn't know what these are, they are the first portable
IBM-PC compatible (well - the Hyperion was "mostly"
compatible :-) - Made here in Ottawa Canada, they didn't
last long due to chronic floppy drive problems and
incompatibility issues (and the fact that Compaq came
out with a reliable/compatible portable shortly afterward).

These two, and another one that I am aware of locally
appear to function, but are suffering from the well known
"bad floppy syndrome", although one of the units does
boot from the B: drive (yes, the hyperion will boot from
either drive).

Anyone know the details of the floppy drive issues?
(This is a well known problem with Hyperions - I just
 never paid attention to it)
Anyone ever fixed a faulty Hyperion drive?


Btw: If anyone needs scans: I got a big load of Hyperion
documenation with the machines, including the service
manual and Technical Reference manual.
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