AS/400 9404 and TWINAX questions...

From: Wolfgang Eichberger <>
Date: Sun Sep 26 10:42:16 2004

First: I did not forget the terminals I announced some time ago.
Actually I?m looking for a cheap way to ship them to the fellows who
were interested. As I am quite busy at work at the moment, this will
take some time ? please excuse that.

My main question(s) ? I hope it?s ?on-topic?:
I obtained a nice IBM AS/400 9404 System. It was cheap and is in nice
condition, so I could not resist. It consists of two huge
enclosurements. One (I?ll call it the left one) is loaded with 3 or 4
nice and big harddisks. The second one contains the logic-boards, three
harddisks, an 8 inch diskette and a tape drive. Both boxes have some
batteries built in. The two boxes are interconnected with 3 cables. In
the right box some options(?) are installed:
Fist slot (left): Nr. 2700
Second slot (from the upper position to the lowest): ??? (looks like
the following
), 6151, 6136. Underneath the small modules I can read
3rd slot: 3120
4th slot: 2533
It?d be nice if you cold help me out a bit with these numbers. I could
not really find out what these are. Could somebody please identify
I also got a 3197 terminal, twinax expansion boxes (2x 4 ports) and
some cables with the machine. My first question: How do I connect the
terminal correctly? I assume it plugs into port 0 for system console.
Are the cables critical, could I use cat 5? I have not enough
 I?d be happy if anyone could supply some cheap connectors
(male) and Infos about the twinax cabling sheme, especially how the
pinout of the connectors and how I have to connect the console

I have no docs for the machine, but it should be loaded with an OS.
When I turn it on it seems to IPL. Is there any Info available online?
I think, I need some information about the OS too (at the back of the
machine I can read ?Release Level 2? on a sticker. Somebody told me the
OS-License is tied to the machine? If so, could someone provide me some
backup copies of the system disks?
I know most people would throw these machines out, but I want to keep
it as it is one of the earlier AS/400 systems.

I could make pictures if anyone needs it.

Thank you for any information,
Best regards,

Ing. Wolfgang Eichberger cell.: +43-664-240-65-92
Gruentalerstr. 24 - 4020 Linz ? AUSTRIA


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