XP OS and Netscape OT

From: Jim Isbell <millenniumfalcon_at_cableone.net>
Date: Sun Sep 26 13:40:46 2004

This is off the topic of Classic Computers but in 10 years it will be on
topic. I just want to get some answers NOW so that maybe this computer
will be around in 10 years.

I run XP and Netscape 7.2

I would like to make a backup on CD-RW once a month. In the old days
when storage space was precious there were programs that allowed you to
backup ONLY the files on the computer that had been updated or added
since the last backup. I would like to do the same but haven't found
the method.
OR in the alternative, I would like to do a FULL backup to a second HD
that WOULD BE BOOTABLE by just swapping the HD when the main drive
craters, which seems to be the main failure I have, about once every two

Secondly I would like to know how the save on a floppy or CD all my
Netscape email archives and address book and Web Bookmarks and then how
to merge them BACK into a new install of Netscape without erasing what
is already there. The last time my HD cratered I had saved the address
book but nothing else but I could never get it back on to the new install.
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