simple processor from 74154?

From: Ed Kelleher <>
Date: Sun Sep 26 14:04:32 2004

At 06:55 PM 9/25/2004, Ben wrote:
>>> > Does anyone remember a construction project from Popular Electronics (I
>>> > think), perhaps in the late '60's, that made a simple processor from a
>>> > 74154 4 line demultiplexer and a handful of diodes?
>>>Did they even have 74154's in the late 1960s? At any rate, sounds like an
>>>interesting project.
>>TI TTL Data Book for Design Engineers, 1st edition was copyrighted 1973.
>>It lists the 74154 and other parts up to the 74298.
>How come the neat CMOS chips like BCD adders and stuff have never made it
>to TTL?

Probably because TTL was a step backwards.
I use 74HCxxx for my stuff now.
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