Real PDP11 model question

From: Megan <>
Date: Wed Sep 22 11:39:05 2004

>How big is a PDT-11/110? My PDT-11/150 is quite a bit larger than a
>DECmate III.

Both the PDT-11/110 and PDT-11/130 are built into VT100 cases, so
that is what they are the size of.

The PDT-11/150 is a separate box which is an 8" floppy drive wide,
about 12" high and about 14" deep.

>To the best of my knowledge the smallest possible PDP-11 made out of
>real hardware would be a 4-slot dual-height backplane, with a
>dual-height CPU (ideally a PDP-11/73), DLV-11J (providing console
>port), 3rd party disk controller w/bootstrap (preferably SCSI). That
>would leave room for one additional dual-height board. You'd have to
>figure out the power-supply and how to wire up any disk or tape
>drives. I'd build something like this, if I had the backplane, but I

You forgot memory...

And the box exists, it is a BA11-VA (the Shoebox).

>The smallest DEC PDP-11 that I'm aware of is the PDP-11/03, but
>you've got to add a external drive of some sort.

But that is a 4 x 4 backplane... so it is 19" wide (with the
attached power supply).

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