Book available -- "The Computer Technician's Handbook" -- Computer Automation PDC 808

From: William Maddox <>
Date: Mon Sep 27 05:47:25 2004

I have a duplicate copy of "The Computer Technician's Handbook",
by Brice Ward, TAB No. 554, 1971.

The first half of the book is a convetional treatment of basic
digital logic theory, logic families, and such, with an emphasis
on the 8200 series. The second half of the book is more interesting.
It is a "case study" of the Computer Automation PDC 808, complete
with a description of the architecture, logic diagrams, a detailed
walkthrough, timing diagrams, scope waveforms, etc. Much of it
looks like it was probably lifted from the manufacturer's service
manuals. The PDC 808 was an 8-bit minicomputer (yes, 8-bit)
introduced in 1968. It appears to have a family resemblance to the
16-bit PDC 816, and more closely resembles the traditional 16-bit
"stretched PDP-8" minicomputer style rather than most of the later
8-bit architectures seen in microprocessors.

The bookseller rated this book in "very good" condition. It is clean
with a tight binding, with some wear on the cover and a small crease.
I paid $7.00 for it. I'll sell it for that plus shipping.

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