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From: Michael Sokolov <msokolov_at_ivan.Harhan.ORG>
Date: Mon Sep 27 10:23:36 2004

Cameron Kaiser <> wrote:

> And a babe and/or stud quotient, too.

Not sure about that, here is what I have at this early design stage
(the list of properties will definitely grow, these were just the
first that popped into my head):

StarMatch profile format:

First line: M for member, A for applicant, C for new E-mail address for a
member pending confirmation.

Followed by information lines, then a blank line, then the essay until EOF.
Each information line begins with a type letter followed immediately by data.
The first letter is A for internal administrative data like the password,
everything else is the user's input. All administrative lines must precede
the user's lines.

The following lines are defined:

ACcookie expire Indicates that E-mail confirmation is required. cookie
                        must be supplied in the E-mail, expire is time_t in
AM If present, subscribe to starmatch-ml
AOoldemail Only in 'C' files, specifies the old E-mail address.
BMJD x Birthdate as MJD (canonical)
BYYYY-MM-DD Gregorian birthdate allowed in input, converted to MJD
D (for date) single and looking if present, looking for
                        friends only otherwise.
Hurl Home page
Iurl Picture URL, may be on our site if we host it
Llat[NS]long[EW] Location, lat and long are atof-able floating point
                        latitude and longitude in degrees. Alternatively, in
                        input lat and long may be <num>d<num>'<num>" or
                        <num>d<num>m<num>s, converted to floating point.
NReal Name Real name
Pproperty=value Any properties one can think of
Pproperty (without value) flag properties
Scode Sex and orientation, code is M/F for straight, MB/FB
                        for bi, L for Lesbian, G for gay male.

Properties currently defined:

baue=<n> Been to Bay Area UFO Expo <n> times
baue=S Been a speaker at Bay Area UFO Expo
cbbw Is a proud CBBW
concon=<n> Been to Conspiracy Con <n> times
concon=S Been a speaker at Bay Area UFO Expo
courage Courageous freedom fighter, not afraid of the shadow
exop active interest in exopolitics
height=<num>cm Canonical, num may be integer or float
height=<int>'<int>" allowed in input, converted to cm
iufoc=<n> Been to the International UFO Congress <n> times
iufoc=S Been a speaker at the International UFO Congress
mufon Member of
pagan self-explanatory
ufo active interest in UFOs
weight=<num>kg Canonical, num may be integer or float
weight=<num>{lb,lbs,#} allowed in input, converted to kg, num may be int or
wiccan self-explanatory
xconf=<n> Been to the X-Conference <n> times
xconf=S Been a speaker at the X-Conference
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