simh simulation speed

From: John Allain <>
Date: Mon Sep 27 15:40:04 2004

> I haven't had a chance to get back and debug, but is it true
> that simh does NOT simulate the target machine's execution
> speed?

Belief is that it goes as fast as it can
and the machine architecture type is used only
for instruction set/address map, IE all the other things.

This is based on doing VAX/VMS on a 670 MHz pc.
Another belief I have is that this machine takes 15 ~20
clocks to get 1 instruction, and 15 ~ 20 instructions to get
1 sim instruction... So I get 1 ~ 3 sim VAX Mips here.
Anyway, that's what it feels like running.

I'd like to hear complaints if anyone thinks I'm way off on the
numbers. Not as controversial as the Extra-terrestrial whitehouse
I realize, but this what is more important to me and hopefully us.

John A.
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