Gemini / Xebec

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Sep 27 16:11:24 2004

> Hiya

You have posted this to a fairly large mailing list. However, there is
at least one Gemini Galaxy owned by a member of said list -- mine.

> I found your email address while searching for information on Gemini
> computers and Xebec controllers. I=92ve recently acquired a Gemini =
> Galaxy 3
> with a hard drive but the version of CP/M it came with does not have the =
> any
> software for the hard drive. Basically do you have a any Gemini utility
> software for the hard drive, and if so, can I please get a copy.

Alas all I have is the minimal stuff that was on the hard disk when I got
it, which is not enough to even make a backup of said disk. In other
words I am looking for said utilites too...

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