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From: Richard A. Cini <rcini_at_optonline.net>
Date: Mon Sep 27 20:25:04 2004

You know, this whole dust up has me thinking. I wonder the following:

(1) if each one on the list should create and publish for "internal" (i.e.,
list) use a general collections list. I don't mean a complete inventory, but
rather a high-level summary of our collections, so that all of us are aware
as to what each of us posesses so in the absence of specific intentions in a
will people with specific backgrounds can help disperse the collection.
Maybe this database functionality could be added to the classiccmp.org site
as part of a "member profile" section.

(2) if we should appoint several members of the list to a team of collection
evaluators/dispersers. This group could consist of maybe 5-10 people each
with backgrounds in specific collections (i.e., a DEC guy, a Commodore guy,
etc.) so that they can evaluate and manage the dispersal of a member's
collection. The #1 guy would be responsible for making contact, and each of
us would at least let our relatives/wives/SOs know who that person is so the
call does not seem out of the blue.

This whole setup may sound too formal for a group without formal
organization, but I think it could minimize any future conflicts or hurt


Rich Cini
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Build Master for the Altair32 Emulation Project
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When I die, I hope that y'all contact my friends and relatives

The executor of my will would prefer that you bring a big truck,
and/or provide dumpsters.

If you don't know me well enough to know who to contact,
write to deadguy_at_xenosoft.com

Grumpy Ol' Fred
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