Relay computers - OR functionality

From: Tony Duell <>
Date: Mon Sep 27 23:34:29 2004

> I had, at one point, sat down and tried to devise a JK flipflop out of
> relays..
> I can do a latch... where (in) pulls in the relay and a NO contact
> connects
> v+ to keep the relay in.. but everything I tried just vibrated... :^\

I've not actually tried the following, but....

Firstly, You should be able to cross-couple 2 relays via their NC
contacts (that is the NC contact of B in series with the coil of A and
vice versa) to make an SR flip-flop (I am not sure you can do the next
stage -- easily -- with the 1-relay latch).

Then connect 2 latches in the stnadard master-slave configuration. Use a
fifth relay as the clock input with the NO and NC contacts linking the
outputs of one latch to the inputs of the other, with the 'J' and 'K'
contacts in series as appropriate. Outputs of latch 1 to inputs of latch
2. Outputs of latch 2, via J and K, to the inputs of latch one _swapped
> In a relay computer wouldn't one need flipflops for memory?

Registers maybe, but I'd not want to make main memory from relays.

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