University of Michigan Property Depot report

From: Jason McBrien <>
Date: Tue Sep 28 12:05:32 2004

After a super-early workday, I bailed early and headed over to University of
Michigan property disposition to see what's what. Still available was a
complete S/390 Generation IV for around $1000. This thing is destined for
the scrap yard if no one can, figuratively, pick it up. Also available is a
RS/6000, though I couldn't get into the cabinet to see what processors it
had. An IBM 9-track reel-to-reel cab was next to the RS/6000, but I couldn't
identify it.

Loads of uninteresting PC junk, a box of ZIP and JAZ drives, some cool old
video editing equipment (Fora and Sony), but not much else. I picked up a
JVC S-VHS video editing deck from the editing equipment, and a Kensington
turbomouse trackball for $55.

There were two interesting expansion cards, an "Impact" PCI card with
internal audio in and out, and three IDE-style pin connectors, but no
external connectors. DVD decoder? Also, a full-length ISA card with a bunch
of NCR chips, and the back half covered with a RF shield. The only connector
was a F-type screw connector (CATV style) which leads me to belive it's an
old TV tuner card, but I don't think NCR is known for multimedia chipsets,
and the RF shielded area was at the back of the card instead of right next
to the connector. Any ideas?
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