Panasonic HHC vs Intermedics

From: Mike Davis <>
Date: Tue Sep 28 12:29:05 2004

I have an HHC that is apparently made by Panasonic. It is even marked RL-H1400 on
the back but doesn't have Panasonic anywhere.

There are some other differences from the normal Panasonic. If you remove the
Intermedic ROMs, the display shows "No Programs". When the ROMs are installed, the
Calculator, File system, SNAP applications, Clock and Printer/Casette don't show up in
the system menu. File system, SNAP applications and Printer/Cassette do show up with
certain operations and the clock can be set and there is an Alarm label on the display.

Also, there is no Claculator labeling on the keyboard template.

The applicatios do seem to be present in the system but don't show up in the menu.
Anyone know if there is a way to cause these to display? Like an internal jumper or
switch or something?

Here is a photo of the Intermedics HHC

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