Relay computers - OR functionality

From: Steve Thatcher <>
Date: Tue Sep 28 13:36:27 2004

if you have telephone relays, then buzzing is not an issue. The ones I used years ago would "always" make contact. I used the N.O. contact to apply power to the relay once it received a pulse. I can't tell you now how long the pulse had to be (too long ago). Even if you wired the relay as a buzzer, it still made complete contact before returning to the open position. It would "buzz" at around 10-20hz.

>I can do a latch... where (in) pulls in the relay and a NO contact
>v+ to keep the relay in.. but everything I tried just vibrated... :^\
>In a relay computer wouldn't one need flipflops for memory?

You just have to think about what happens while the relay is
actuating and all the contacts may be open ( break-before-make ).
Otherwise, you'll be making a lot of nice buzzers. More than
one phase of clock makes things easier.
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