simh simulation speed

From: Jason McBrien <>
Date: Tue Sep 28 14:41:23 2004

The best behavior, IMHO, is to be able to select what speed to run at. UAE,
a very good Amiga emulator, lets you choose which processor to emulate and
at what speed, including a setting that runs the emulator as fast as
possible. Granted the architecture of the Amiga is a bit more sensitive to
CPU timings than most computers, due to it's tightly integrated video and
sound processors, so CPU speed selection might be more important than, say,
in an S/360 emulator. It would still be very useful, however, being able to
select accurate speed emulation or being able to "overclock" your virtual

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> It is the best behaviour? I've seen a couple of emulators which
> regulate speed, because it is sometimes necessary for games and
> frequently necessary for demos. An additional advantage is that it
> reduces the rate at which electricity is converted into heat (ie. it
> uses less of the host machine's CPU), so my batteries last longer and
> my hands are less toasty. :) And I think it is fair to say that an
> emulator which runs at two or three times the original machine's speed
> will usually be fast enough. (If speed was really *that* important
> you wouldn't be using an emulator.)
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