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From: Roger Merchberger <zmerch_at_30below.com>
Date: Tue Sep 28 15:24:21 2004

Rumor has it that Ron Hudson may have mentioned these words:

>On Sep 28, 2004, at 9:46 AM, Dwight K. Elvey wrote:
>>>From: "ben franchuk" <bfranchuk_at_jetnet.ab.ca>
>>>Peter C. Wallace wrote:
>>>>Isn't self modifying code pretty much deprecated these days (aside from
>>>>trampolines and such)
>Can you create self modifying code in any high level language, the kind of
>where the application program actually changes it's own instructions?
>I know in C it is possible to pass an address of a function to a function,
>that's not
>really what I mean.

Sure... I've seen examples (and made one, *years* ago) in Microsoft Basic
on my CoCo.

If you consider MERGEing different basic programs (if you MERGE in a new
program where line numbers match, most basics that I'd worked with would
replace the original statement with the new... if you count that, it was
rather common in the CoCo world.

I'd seen one in applesoft basic as well -- it had to do with
self-populating DATA statements, IIRC.

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