Code Generation

From: David V. Corbin <>
Date: Tue Sep 28 20:53:16 2004

>>> Doesn't Perl have something along these lines? I'd be
>>> surprised if not.

I am taling about features build into the run-time of the language, not
access to external tools [such as what ships with Unix and many other

The Perl eval() is relatively close in functionallity to what I am referring
to [In the .NET platform] as are capabilities in Forth and Lisp.

The difference is that these languagages are to some degree interpreted,
they do not normally compile down to native executable code. However these
types of constructs do perform roughly equivilant functions.

With the dynamic assembly you can go from source code to native instruction
and even persist [save] the results between runs in many different ways.

Also the code generator is capable of supporting different .Net languages.
This means that a C# program can write and excute Cobol code, or a Visual
Basic program could write Fortran code and execute it.

I have a large number of complaints and gripes against Microsoft, but after
working in this environment for the past 3 years [I have been in the
computer field nearly 30 years] I do have to say it is the most
comprehensive programming environment I have ever worked in. Given that it
is only at version 1.1 [with version 2.0 currently in Beta (and I am in the
Beta program)], it is sure to have a large impact on professional software

I know there are a few people on this list who still make an active living
working with the older environments, and more power to them! If I could find
a good paying position developing RSX-11M based software [Or even better
PAL-8], I would jump on it in a minute. The general truth is that a
Microsoft environment is the most convient way to make a living developing
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