Relay computers - OR functionality - symbology

From: Dwight K. Elvey <>
Date: Tue Sep 28 21:17:51 2004

>From: "Patrick/VCM SysOp" <>
>> Why didn't they use * or X for AND then?
>The period is a convenient substitution for a dot that was used in math to
>indicate multiplication (the "real" symbol is usually represented as more
>vertically centered within the character cell). I have some books that also
>use "x", but that character is again a more (or sometimes less) stylized
>glyph than the simple upper- or lowercase "X".
>By the way, that plus (or) symbol in those same books is often a plus inside
>a circle. So I suspect the use of plain-old-plus is again a convenient
>substitution into ASCII.

 Most times, a plus in a circle is to indicate an exclusive-or.
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