AS/400 9404 and TWINAX questions...

From: Patrick <>
Date: Wed Sep 29 11:04:48 2004

> >I agree, and I suspect any straight-through RJ-45 cable
> >was for a telephone system, not networking. Perhaps
> >Sellam knows examples.
> I've encountered flat 8 core cable, terminated with RJ45's, used as patch
> leads in a Serial environment. They were used with Baydek SMUX serial
> boards, also seen them used with some Specialix terminal servers, both had
> RJ45 sockets for the serial ports.

And also the included console cable on much Cisco gear for years. Got boxes
of 'em. I've always gotten RJ45's on both ends, until recently a PIX
firewall showed up with RJ45 on one end, molded connector on the other. I
tossed it and used an old-style cable (one size fits all). --Patrick
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