AS/400 9404 and TWINAX questions...

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Date: Wed Sep 29 03:37:05 2004

On Wed, 29 Sep 2004, Rob O'Donnell wrote:

> At 14:23 29/09/2004, John Foust wrote:
> >I agree, and I suspect any straight-through RJ-45 cable
> >was for a telephone system, not networking. Perhaps
> >Sellam knows examples.
> I've encountered flat 8 core cable, terminated with RJ45's, used as patch
> leads in a Serial environment. They were used with Baydek SMUX serial
> boards, also seen them used with some Specialix terminal servers, both had
> RJ45 sockets for the serial ports.
> Of course, when one of my colleagues tried to use them for Ethernet we had
> terrible problems. They would just about work (for the short lengths in a
> patch cabinet) at 10Mbps, but were total no-no at 100Mbps.

You can use just about anything for short runs. Even 100-base-T might
work with 4-strands of random wire at some minimal distance. But if you
expect anything to run and run reliably, especially at a distance, use
properly rated cable :)

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