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From: Steve Thatcher <>
Date: Wed Sep 29 12:36:47 2004

The comment I made was based on another person's view that p-code was intrepreted and so was .NET - apples and apples sort of thing... I don't recall any Microsoft product that created p-code which could be executed without compiling and then you could compile the p-code and execute that too.

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Steve Thatcher wrote:
> p-code never compiled down to native calls... .NET does

That sounded like an assertion waiting to be disproven. 15 seconds with
google produced this link:

Heath Z-80 UCSD p-System, six 5 1/4" disks: "SYSTEM 1," "SYSTEM 2,"
"ZINT," "PASCAL," "UTILS," "Native code generator NZ84BP".

That was contemporaneous. Something more recent:

Spend a few more minute and find more links.
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