Completely, entirely, utterly off-topic...

From: Computer Collector E-Mail Newsletter <>
Date: Wed Sep 29 18:58:32 2004

As warned in the subject line, this couldn't be more off-topic if I tried!

Having said that... I've got an extra ticket for Friday's "Vote for Change"
concert down in Philadelphia. I'm looking for the face value ($75) -- the
concert features Springsteen, REM, and John Fogarty.

Please do NOT reply with a political message or to say you'd love to go but
can't. And, please do not reply if MAYBE you can go but want to let me know
Friday afternoon, or if you want to show up late (it starts at 7) or leave
early or whatever -- I'm not about to get stuck with this ticket (and also
don't want it to go to some bandwagon lame-ass fan whose favorite Springsteen
song is "Secret Garden".)

Okay, the diatribe is now complete. If you're vaguely in my area (north
Jersey) and want to go, please reply OFF-LIST.

Now returning to the regularly scheduled discussion of vintage computers...

 - Evan

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