ASR-33 repair parts

From: Charles H. Dickman <>
Date: Wed Sep 29 19:24:54 2004

David Gesswein wrote:

>>The pad on the print hammer has disintegrated and the underlying metal
>>has been pounding on the print cylinder. This has caused some of the
>>letters images to be deformed so that only the top half of the letter
>>prints. A new print cylinder would be virtually impossible to fabricate,
>>so I need to find a new or used one.
>With the new available it may not be worth the trouble but as long as the
>damage isn't too deep you can get it to print acceptably by filing the
>letters flat again, try printing and file again on the part of the letter
>that prints darkest until you get reasonably even printing.
I had not thought of that. I can get a new print cylinder for $25 as
somebody keeps reminding us all, but filing would be easy and simple and
the cylinder is junk anyway. I can't make it much worse.
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