Email client for older machines? (need help)

From: chris <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 10:41:55 2004

>My ISP has just "upgraded" their email server to be completely incompatible
>with my client - basically the POP server cannot not be determined from
>the POP account name anymore, and since my ancient client "figures out"
>the server from the account name, it cannot connect.

I assume you already tried doing username_at_domain_at_pop.server and that
failed (it actually works on some clients, any that parse from the back
to the front it will work on).

The other thing to try is, many of the ISPs that require this kind of
setup (where the username is really username_at_domain) will accept an
alternate character in place of the _at_ sign. Commonly it is % but has also
been known to work with / or . or ? or any number of other symbols. Try
replacing the first _at_ (the one on the username pair) with some other
symbol and see if it accepts it.

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