Need to know DDS drive used to write backup tapes

From: Zane H. Healy <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 11:56:14 2004

> I am trying to figure out what tape drive was used to write some DDS tapes
> that I'd like to read. The only clues I have are that they were written
> on a VAX of some sort under VAX OpenVMS 5.5-2.
> Any ideas?

On a related note, I have a LOT of 4mm tapes sitting around that were
written on a Unix system in the 1992 timeframe. I have no idea what type
drive the tapes were written on. Anyone have any idea how to go about
figuring this one out?

My recommendation has been to send them to the data recovery service that we
use (same with the stash of 8mm's).

I'd much rather have to retrieve data from a TK50 than a 4mm or a 8mm!

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