Need to know DDS drive used to write backup tapes

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 16:31:30 2004

Antonio Carlini wrote:
>> If the cartridges (note correct USian spelling) have a tape length
> Is there a non Usian spelling?

   No, just an incorrect one. "carthridges" seems to be all the rage on

> Indeed. The thing not to do is put a DDS3 (or DDS2) DAT tape in
> a DDS1 drive. At least not if the drive is a TLZ04 since you
> will "significantly" degrade the head's lifetime. I never
> found out how significant "significant" is. The problem is
> that tapes longer than 60m were designed to be used on drives
> that wrapped them around the heads at a different angle, so
> the tapes are different. The difference is enough to wear
> the TLZ04 head much more than is acceptable. I do not know
> whether dropping a 120m tape (DDS3) into a TLZ06 (DDS2 drive)
> will have similar effects.
> So be careful out there!

   I don't think that either the TZ04 or the TZ06 do the media
recognition required to spit an incompatible tape, but then, I've never
seen a 120m DDS3 circa 1992. ;)

   Just to pick nits, I've never seen 60m 4mm referred to as DDS. DDS1
is 90m and higher, as far as I know. If anybody has a correction for
me, it's very welcome.

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