Need to know DDS drive used to write backup tapes

From: Jules Richardson <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 18:58:12 2004

On Fri, 2004-10-01 at 00:11 +0100, Antonio Carlini wrote:
> As has been pointed out in private email (and probably
> here once it turns up) TLZ04 (60m tapes) is before
> the DDS nomenclature started, 90m is DDS1,
> 120m is DDS2, 125m is DDS3.

60M DDS tapes also exist though - I have quite a few on the shelf above
me, made by various manafacturers. I believe any DDS-1 DAT drive will
read/write 60 or 90M DDS tapes (that *may* vary by drive manufacturer
though) - it's just that TLZ04's happen to be 60M but not DDS.

60M DDS tapes are 1.3GB, 90M DDS tapes are 2.0GB and 120M DDS-2 tapes
are 4GB, IIRC. No idea about DDS-3; I've got one stray DDS-3 tape I
think but no drive to put it in :-)

> My drives always seem to protect themselves
> by chewing all the tapes, so I've never managed to
> dirty a head, never mind wear one out :-)

Mine too. They self-destruct long before the head wears out :-) Always
keep a backup DAT drive handy for your backup tapes... ;-)


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