Kenbak-1 Was: Poly88 on ebay

From: Kane, David <>
Date: Thu Sep 30 20:37:07 2004

> wanted a TTL based computer, I'm thinking about
> building the Educ-8, , a
> similar TTL based machine described in an electronics
> australia article in 1975. Amazingly, they still sell
> the boards for it, or at least in theory they do, I've

I managed to collect the original magazines with the Educ-8 articles as
well as scans of the articles, and although the boards are available I
am not sure they would all that useful. The Educ-8 was designed around
both 74 and 8 series TTLs. I did some cross referencing, but could not
locate datasheets on all the 8 series ICs used, so I am not 100% certain
that there are pin equivalent 74 series ICs for all. This might mean a
board reroute.

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