From: Steve Jones <>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 18:38:33 +0000

Okay, why not...

Born in 1968, currently 36. First regular interaction was
with an Apple ][ in about 1980-81, and some time on ASR33's
talking to an unknown DEC BASIC timesharing system run by
the Philadelphia public school system. Got an Apple //e in

College brought a VAX-11/750 running VMS4.4 in late 1986;
and Macs, Zenith IBM-clones, DEC Rainbows, and when I was
allowed to visit the Inner Circle assorted S-100 gear. For
one project I did a paper design (circuit and ucode) around
the 74181 ALU, maybe someday I'll dust it off and actually
build it.

Didn't finish my degree before I got a job at MIT, as part
of DECs ESL agreement - "hire a couple people, stop calling
our support staff all the time, and we'll give you huge
discounts." So it was mostly VMS and Unix support, noodling
around on everything from MVIIs to 8800s. But I also wound
up with a Sun-3/60 on my desk for duping tapes under their
license program, and answered a lot of questions about them
too. Every now and then I got a treat and someone would
call me to look at a problem with their SGI gear...

Lots of things since, but this is getting long.

Not much discipline to the collection. DEC stuff (pdp-11,
vax, alpha), Moto m88k, Nat Semi 32k, CompuPro S-100, and a
couple Apple 8 bitters.

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