From: Ron Hudson <>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 20:37:46 +0000

Born 5/16/48

Computing History:

Monroe programmable calculator (H.S. Math/programming class) punch-card
input/ impact printer out
HP2100 batch system (H.S. field trip to local university Engineering
Nova?? based Basic Timeshare (H.S. Field Trip to university Business
Poly88 Kit built owned
HP41C (traded for poly, was a better fit for my US navy life)
Ohio Scientific board - never finished (left it on the ship on leaving
navy - oops)
Commodore 64.
VAX 11/780 at work VMS 3.x
same Macintosh upgraded to fat mac
IBM PC/AT clone (televideo color 10mb)
Ran BBS on above after replacing it with newer PC.
Macintosh SE
Mac Powerbook 170
Various IBM clones running win31, Win95 and Win98


Macintosh iBook OSx
Windows98 Laptop (toshiba)
Linux redhat 7.3 laptop (IBM)
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