AIX and AMIX questions

From: Doc Shipley <>
Date: Sat, 26 Feb 2005 22:11:47 +0000

   What a mix, right?

   First the AIX stuff. v2.2.1, definitely on-topic. My RT has been
laid up with a failing IDE disk for a while. The E70s that it came with
were serious junk, and near death. I now have a couple of Maxtor ESDI
disks to play with, and I also found a 1.2GB Medalist that should work
in it with the IDE/floppy controller that's presently in it. For
power/BTU reasons I'll go with IDE if possible.

   The problem is that the AIX floppy images are no longer on the FTP site, and I've stupidly lost my archive of them. Does
anybody happen to have them stashed away? Floppy images are nice, or I
have the sort-of-SCSI 1/4" tape streamer and adapter too.

   For whatever it's worth, my company is an AIX software and services
partner. That means I can legally have any version of AIX needed to do
or to properly research my work. :)

   While I'm at it, does anybody have an RT mouse they don't want, or a
Matrox graphics adapter?

   On to Amiga UNIX. The little information I can find about
installation (see rant below) says that the original v2.x requires a
Commodore 3070 tape drive, which is an Archive Viper-150 in an external
enclosure. I don't have an Archive drive, but I do have an
IBM-firmwared Tandberg TDC 3600 an a Sun-firmwared TDC 4220, both of
which are QIC-150 compatible.

   The first question is whether AMIX looks for Commodore firmware on
the tape drive, or will any 150MB quarter-inch drive work?

   The second question is whether install media for AMIX v1.x exists in
downloadable form?

   Somebody mentioned "more appropriate fora for discussion" the other
day. Well, the only active AMIX forum seems to be a freakin' MSN Group.
  Since I don't have and don't EVER want an MSN .Net Passport, I don't
get to play there.

   Do they think all the world is already owned by MSN?

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