From: Stan Barr <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 03:14:53 2005

> Nico de Jong wrote:
> > It could be interesting to know the age"spread" of thist list
> > contributors, and how long we've had the computer virus under
> > our skin.

Ok, I'll play too.

Born 1943. Built digital circuitry from valves/tubes while at school,
got involved in radio stuff, including building a vhf/fm radio using
some digital circuitry. First met computers for real in 1975 with
an ICL. Built my first homebrew 8080 in 1976(?), followed by SC/MP
machines. Bought TRS-80 in 78 - still got it - followed by various
CP/M machines and IBM clones, but used mostly unix/linux and Macs
since. The PDP Micro-11/73 upstairs is the only "vintage" machine
here atm, but I'm looking for something new/old...
(There are various home computers, mostly Sinclair, including my
ZX-81 Forth machine, dotted around, but they don't really count :-)

Stan Barr
The future was never like this!
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