From: Ram Meenakshisundaram <>
Date: Sun Feb 27 07:16:27 2005

Well, I couldn't resist. I am 33 years old (born 1970) and got my first
taste of computers when we bought a TI99 4/A in the early 80's. I spent
hours and hours typing in the games in Compute! during those golden ages.
We started using a TRS80 during my junior high school and later an Apple /
IBMPCin high school. I got so fasinated with computers that I started my
Comp Sci degree for both my masters and bachelors. I worked more in the
"wall street" type firms designing various trading systems for different
markets (FX, international banking, government bond trading, and now
Power/Energy market trading). Currently I design trading systems for the
Energy Markets (specifically for Power..). I got exposed to transputers
during my undergraduate days and have been hooked into it ever since....


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